Stunning Cliff Top Cave Home in Blue Mountains of Australia

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Lionel Bucket has one of the most stunning views in the world from the stone outcrop that makes up the veranda of his clifftop cave home. He has an outlook over the Blue Mountain range in Australia from the cave home that was built on 600 acres of bush land that has been in his family dating back to the 1950s.

The clifftop cave is a steel and concrete construction built around a natural rock platform. Entry to the cave home is through a small round wooden door that would look at home in Middle Earth’s Shire.

You step through the round doorway into a landing with a sandstone kitchen.

Bucket inherited the land and chose not to log but instead to use the land for his creativity by creating eco-friendly cabins for people to stay in on vacation. The cabins not only show off his imagination when it comes to design but also his tradesmanship. Bucket built his first home at 17, starting out young as a carpenter. He has put his carpentry skills to the test with the cabins at the site however one of his most remarkable creations, the clifftop cave, hardly uses any wood at all.

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