15 Different Yet Stunning Hair Styles On Horses

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Nowadays there really are some incredibly beautiful and simply amazing horse hair styles. Cause lets face it, we love getting the chance to make our horses look even more beautiful then they already are.

So here is our selection to showcase the variety of styles available today.

1. Blondie

2. And

next we have.... the "Short back and Sides"

3. Gypsy Horse

4. Knotted Up

5. Weaver's Quarter Horse Braids

6. Hippie Horse

7. Horse Tail Braids

8. "Yep! Ive got extensions!!!" Tail Extensions

9. Fit for A Wedding!

10. Im Growing My Hair

11. Braids are not just for little girls!

12. Pink is My Fan- a little color never hurt anyone!

13. She's a Natural Beauty

14. Anyone For a Perm?

15. Ombre- yes please!

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