20 Adorable Dogs Breeds You Have Probably Never Heard Of!

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When buying a dog, you may have the option to select between mixed breed dogs and purebred dogs. Most people choose a purebred dog because of the expectation that they have certain attributes, bloodline. There are people who may opt for mixed breed because of the unique blending. Of course pure bred dogs have a specific appearance and personality true. However there are many who select mixed breed dogs because they want a surprise unfolding as the dog grows. It can reveal personality and appearance which is overwhelming. Each mixed breed dog can be a combination of two or more pure breeds. Lets check out 20 you may not of even heard of.

1. German Husky German Shepherd Husky Mix

2. Dalcorgi Corgi Dalmatian Mix

3. Bull Shepherd Bulldog German Shepherd Mix

4.Buggs Bosten Terrier Pug Mix

5.GoldenDoodle Golden Retriever Poodle Mix

6. Chihuaherrier Chihuahua Airedale Terrier Mix

7. YorkiPoo Yorkshire Terrier Poodle Mix

8. Golden Dachshund Golden Retriever Dachshund Mix

9. Cheagle Chihuahua Beagle Mix

10. Jackeranian Pomeranian Jack Russell Terrier Mix

11. Sheporgi German Shepherd Corgi Mix

12. Siberpoo Siberian Husky Poodle Mix

13. Corgipoo Corgi Poodle Mix

14. Chiweenie Chihuahua Dachshund Mix

15. Chusky Chow Chow Siberian Husky Mix

16. Pugapoo Pug Poodle Mix

17. Horgi Husky Corgi Mix

18. Puggle Pug Beagle Mix

19. Schnoodle Schnauzer Poodle Mix

20. Pitsky Pitbull Husky Mix

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