A Unique Love Between a Horse and Cat

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How often do we see cats loving on horses. It seems so common on any ranch. What a precious horse photo.

Some experts think the cat was first tamed by 3500 BC. The ancient Egyptians were the first people to keep cats as pets; they also worshipped cats as gods. The goddess Bastet, daughter of the sun god Ra, had a cat's head. The Egyptians loved and worshipped her, and so loved cats. Deceased cats were mummified and given the same kind of burial as human family members.

In Victorian times, cats were a favourite subject of artists and writers, and were considered part of a happy home. Studies have shown that petting a cat lowers a person's blood pressure and that elderly people who are able to keep their pets live longer. The healing power of cats is being used to help people in increasingly popular programs in which pets are taken to visit nursing home residents.

Archaeological and paleontological evidence indicates that the horse was domesticated about 3000 BC--later than dogs and cats. At first, horses apparently were herded for meat and milk. Later, when people had learned how to cultivate grain and abandoned the nomadic hunting lifestyle, they began to appreciate the horse for its finer qualities.

This picture really shows the loving relationship that many animals share. Like a natural instinct that they form between each other.

If you give time and dedication to your horse it is truly the only way you will be able to understand him or her. And imagine your horse having a beautiful relationship like these two.

Horses, like dogs, cats, and even humans all have different personalities. It is important that you take the time to get to know your horse. This is key in being able to understand horses in general. Be strong, firm, yet caring when dealing with your horse.

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