Building Log Furniture

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Building log furniture is an art that has been around for many years. Our forefathers used logs not only to build furniture but also to build log cabins as a means of survival in the depths of our cold winters. The little log cabins were unique in their own way and served as the family home.Building Log Furniture

Within the home came the need for furniture as a necessity in any home. Logs were plentiful and considered the product of choice. Building log furniture became a crafts-mans passion in many cases and it still exist today. The job was not an easy one as the trees had to be selected, cut, debarked and made into the project desired.

Today you will find much of this rustic furniture around that has been preserved. The rustic look today is very popular for much the same reasons they were with our forefathers. As a hobby or just a challenge, one may want to build a complete dinning room set to give a unique look in the home.

Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom furniture has become very popular such as bunk beds for the kids room or a beautiful log bed for the master suite. For the purpose of this blog, we will go through the process of building a log bed. This can be done ether in a rustic look or a sleeker more refined look.Building Log Furniture

Building A Queen Size Bed

Tools required:- chain saw - hatchet drawknife or sander The drawknife is the granddaddy of all log furniture building tools. It can be used to peel the logs and make the tenons as well.

Building The Bed

Select 2- 48″ posts and 2- 36″ posts about 6″ in diameter and seek 4 rails

1:- start with the headboard posts set side by side and turn any cracks to the wall.

2:- caulk line center of the posts from top to bottom

3:- mark top of post for rail location at 44″ from the bottom

Building Log Furniture 4:- mark lower rail 9″ up from the bottom

5:- drill 2 1/4″ holes 2 1/2 3″ deep at rail locations

6:-next step is to cut rail length for the headboard and foot board (61″ for queen beds with 5 1/2″ posts)

7:- mark and drill holes along rails to accept spindles (5 spindles look great on a queen size bed)

8:- repeat the process for the footboard

9:- cut 4 side rails 85″ long with a 2 1/4 2 1/2 ten-on

10:- notch the top side rails for the box spring to sit in

11:- it is now time to finish the components and assemble the bed

12:-attach eye hooks with 1/8″ cable and turn buckle diagonally below the height of the box spring to secure the bed (extremely strong)

Your bed is now complete to enjoy.

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