Chakra Balance and Automatic Chakra Balance

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Chakras are not some mysterious elements of Eastern culture. Chakras are not just for spiritual gurus or those wanting to raise their kundalini energy. We all need to be aware of chakras and how to balance them. Among other things, these are our "filters."

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When our chakras are out of balance, our lives become out of balance. Does your car operate better with its tires aligned and balanced or not? Chakras are part of our body, just as teeth are part of our body. We need to learn how to care for our chakras just as we would any other part of our body. Doing so brings balance to our lives.

We have our physical bodies that we can see, feel, touch, and we have our spiritual bodies, which surround our physical bodies. The chakras are contained in our spiritual bodies/energy field/aura, which we are not so acutely aware of because we cannot so readily see, feel, and touch these in the same way. But they are definitely there and are designed to work in concert with our physical bodies, just as a knee is designed to work with a leg, and an arm with a shoulder. As so, they are indeed an important part of our bodies.

Each chakra contains or houses certain energy and each is a different color. For example, in the root chakra is contained the energy of money, the energy of family, of tribe, of self-worth, of abuse, and self-abuse, of addiction, of money as it relates to self-worth. The seeds of the energy of creation live here as well. Any energy that is "base" or "root" resides in the first chakra. The color of the root chakra is red.

One of the reasons that it's important to know this information and know how to balance your chakras is for purposes of manifesting and trying to use the Law of Attraction. If we know now that the energy of money is in the root chakra, how do you suppose you're going to manifest anything with just the power of your mind? The power of the mind is the 6th chakra. The energy of what you're trying to manifest doesn't live in the mind. It lives in the root.

To manifest and co-create you're going to have to figure out how to connect the energy that resides in all of the chakras, not just, for example, put all your "thinking" energy on money and expect it to poof into your world.

This is one very good reason to want to balance your chakras. By doing so, you can learn to harness all of the power that resides in all of the chakras and begin to connect the energy of all of those. "You can begin to connect the dots." And then watch your life change for the better. Balancing your chakras brings you back into a place of reclaiming your personal power and helps you align with your life's purpose.

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