Different Types of Crystals and How to Use Them

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Crystals are available in market in so many different sizes, shapes and colours. People often get confused thinking of which crystals they should use. Some of them even start wearing crystals without checking whether it will really suit or their zodiac sign. Crystals should be selected according to your needs so that it will benefit you and your health, because choosing a wrong crystal may not only affect your health but also affect your social and professional life.

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It is not necessary that you have to wear these crystals to gain something from them, you can also undergo certain crystal healing therapy sessions and hence for that you should be aware for which chakra a particular crystal is used. There are in all 7 chakras in our body which is also known as energy releasing points. These chakras should be purified to get rid of all the negative energies and diseases. This process helps in balancing the flow of energy in the person's body. The healer who is doing the healing process on someone should first undergo the practise of crystal healing to make his body pure and free from any kind of negative energy. This energy can then be transferred from his body to another person through the crystals. By doing so, the person suffering from any illness caused by the negative energy will be cured.

There are different types of crystals which are used in crystal healing process. They are:

1. Amethyst: This crystal is related to eyes, hair, scalp, balancing blood sugar, headaches, pituitary gland and also in reducing anger.

2. Aquamarine: Related to immune system, lymph nodes, flexibility, innocence, creativity, joy, communication, self knowledge, fear, restlessness and confidence.

3. Carnelian: Related to kidneys, emotions, sexuality, reproductive system, cramps, menstrual, arthritis, gall bladder, assertiveness and pancreas.

4. Coral: Related to blood, muscles, reproductive systems, metabolism, thyroid, heart, to make your emotions stronger and it should be strictly avoided by the person having high blood pressure.

5. Citrine: Related to food disorders, kidneys, liver, allergies, mental and emotional, intestines, anxiety, depression, fear, willpower, memory, acidity, problem solving etc.

6. Jade: Related to Immune system, thymus, heart, nervous system, kidney, knowledge, courage, emotional balance, wealth, harmony, longevity, compassion, justice and cleaning of blood.

7. Diamond: Related to trust, love, prosperity, weakness and strength, increasing personal clarity, confidence, attitudes and spirituality.

8. Lapis: Related to restlessness, shyness, speech, pain, anxiety, insomnia, nervous system, hearing, inflammation, pituitary, intuition, spirituality, creativity, in organizing and keeping your mind quiet.

9. Emerald: Related to lymph, childbirth, growth, respiratory system, blood, heart, balancing blood sugar, monogamy, love, honesty, insomnia, peace, removing depression etc.

10. Malachite: Related to liver, respiratory system, kidney stones, vision, inflammation, anger, concentration, vision and circulatory system.

11. Sapphire: fevers, hearing problems, burns, T.B, intuition, mental clarity, reducing inflammation, nosebleeds and communication.

12. Ruby: Related to cholesterol, blood cleansing, love, courage, stamina, blood clots, leadership, emotions, infections, impotency and vitality.

13. Rose Quartz: Related to love, peacefulness, beauty, forgiving, kindness, anger emotional balance etc.

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