Garden Planter-Is your chair missing its seat?

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Garden Planter

Is your chair missing its seat? Turn it into a rustic flower planter for your front porch.

An old chair that has seen better days need not be discarded, even if it's missing its original woven seat. Instead, turn that chair into an outdoor planter, adding a rustic element to your garden or outdoor space. The chair will become even more weathered and aged as it spends time outdoors, adding to its distressed appearance. Instead of damaging a functional chair, find one that's being discarded, or purchase one inexpensively at a flea market or garage sale.

Free is good right? That's what I thought when I spotted an old chair outside of a thrift store with a sign that said FREE.

I kind of felt guilty taking it because I didn't purchase anything there that day,

but I had great plans for that chair and couldn't help myself.

Check out the website to follow what to do>>>

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