Homemade Hazelnut Spread - World Nutella Day

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Nutella is the brand name of a sweet hazelnut-based spread made by the same folks who distribute the Ferrero Roche chocolates that are so popular during the holiday season. Their spread is based on gianduja, a sweet chocolate and hazelnut confection that was developed centuries ago in Turin, Italy. Gianduja is used in candy making and to flavor milk and other beverages.

Many people use it as they would peanut butter and spread it on bread or toast for snacks. I don't think many would debate how delicious the spread is. There are many who would debate how healthy it is for you. Good or bad, it's here to stay and the lucky folks at Ferrero are probably delighted that their brand name is now generically used to identify most hazelnut spreads available to consumers.

That's brand recognition at its best. Gianduja, which contains just four ingredients, is simple to make now that we have food processors and blenders at our disposal. Anyone who has easy access to hazelnuts or filberts can make this in a matter of minutes.

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