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Living off the grid in modern times is not exactly a difficult task. With individuals being more and more attached to the electronic world, the concept may seem impossible to some. But, the truth is that like everything else, the idea of living off the grid could be easily adopted with the help of developments in off-grid technology. Off grid living is not something new. The idea has been around ever since electricity was made available to the public and since electricity generators were invented. Living off the grid in terms of electricity usage would mean a house that does not rely on or depend on the conventional electricity supply line, and produces its own electricity. The term 'grid' is referred to the local electricity supply. Therefore, by going off-grid, it would mean that you completely disconnect from the conventional electricity supply to your house.

So you want to build yourself something small and cosy that has all the things that you need. Just like this 400 square foot cabin solar powered cabin that Lamar Alexander built for approximately $2000. It is powered with a 570 watt solar and wind power system with the whole system being considerably very inexpensive. But its not just the low cost day to day living expensives that are minimal. How about the fact that he is mortgage free- yes you heard right- debt free. No monthly mortgage repayments here everyone.

And just to nice that would be.

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