How to build a Murphy Bed

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For years we have had a daybed in our guest bedroom. A daybed is an odd type of space-saving bed that takes up a lot space. When itís retracted, itís too deep to use for seating. When itís made into a bed, itís uncomfortable and the two sections tend to separate.

This small bedroom gets used for guests maybe once or twice a year, hardly justifying wasting half its space with a bed. The answer is a Murphy bed. Mine contains a full-sized mattress and when in its upright position, takes up a mere 16″ x 60″ (40cm x 152cm) of floor space.

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Murphy Bed hardware kit

Building the cabinet and bed frame is pretty easy. The most challenging part is installing the hardware. I bought the DIY Starter Kit from I donít have any affiliation with them, but they offer several different kits, the prices seem competitive, and shipping is free. That said, the hardware kit cost me more than the lumber. At $369, The DIY kit is the least expensive.

It comes with instructions for building a basic bed frame and cabinet. Having never seen a Murphy bed in person, I had to spend a lot of time studying these instructions to understand the big picture. They could certainly do with a few more detailed drawings. To make it much easier for me to visualize, I drew up plans in Sketchup which you can download below. Note that these are specific for the DIY Starter Kit and built for a full-sized mattress.

Other materials I used for this project:

Plywood edge banding

Edge banding trimmer

Casper Mattress

I am thrilled that Casper Mattresses agreed to sponsor this project. I love that they are shaking up the mattress industry by offering a great product at half the price of brick & mortar retailers. Most mattress dealers try to convince you that a good nightís sleep depends on spending $2000 on a mattress with pretty floral quilting. Casper instead focuses on making super comfortable mattresses in the U.S.A. that combine memory foam with latex foam. It comes to your doorstep in a big box, with free shipping. If you are considering purchasing a new mattress, I hope you will give them a try. Plus, they are giving a $50 discount to all WWMM viewers! Make sure you use this special link to get the discount

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