How to Teach a Horse to Bow

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So you want to learn how to teach your horse how to bow. Well this is what you will need.

Materials: 1. Plenty of treats (amounts vary).

2. Usable halter.

3. Untangled lead rope.

How To:

1. Start by haltering horse making sure that the lead rope is securely

attached to the buckle.

2. Store treats in pocket or in a place where the horse cannot reach.

3. Holding lead rope in hand, take one treat and show it to the horse.

4. Move the treat about a foot down from where your hand is and feed to the horse.

5. Repeat several times.

6. Gradually lower the treat so that the horse';s nose is down by his chest.

7. Once accomplished, stand behind horse's withers being careful not to be in

the way should the horse step its foot out.

8. Hold treat in hand closest to the horse's belly.

9. Reach hand behind horse's elbow and under through chest.

10. Guide nose down to the chest with the halter and feed him the treat.

11. Keep on lowering until deep bow is accomplished.

12. Repeat several times or until fluent.


It may not happen at first, but eventually, your horse will learn that

stepping his foot out makes it easier to bow. Have patience, every horse learns

differently and some may take longer than others, but with a little practice,

your horse will be bowing in no time.

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