How Well Do You See Color?

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Over the last few weeks the dress meme took over America, from spots on CBS This Morning to an explanatory piece on VICE, before thankfully cycling out of Facebook feeds everywhere. Was it white and gold? Blue and black? We had our answer, and for some people (like humble design editors) it was a sobering learning exprience that our color acuity was less than spot-on.

Now, x-rite and Pantone, the purveyors of the fashion world’s annual color trends reports and “color of the year,” have a quiz up on their site where you can actually test your skills. Based on the Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue Test, see where you fall on the spectrum according to age and gender. While diagnosing a color vision deficiency usually requires a somewhat clinical test utilizing tinted dots, called pseudoisochromatic testing plates, this quiz is more like a video game as you stack and slide color swatches. Fun fact? One out of every 255 women, and one of 12 men, have some form of “color vision deficiency”.

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