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Driftwood is the name for wood that has drifted onto a shore worldwide. This wood has travelled through the ocean or lakes of the world and been washed up onto a beach or riverside, sometimes travelling thousands of miles. This amazing artist Jeff Uitto uses Driftwood to make unbelievable sculptures, that show pure talent and creativity.

Mostly driftwood originates from trees, mostly broken up into small pieces on its long stressful journey. The trees have generally been washed into the ocean or lake by flooding or strong winds. Standard driftwood is found on the shores in an infinite number of shapes and sizes. Jeff collects his nature's leftovers from the shores of Tokeland, the banks of Smith Creek, or the valleys between the Willapa Hills.


In some places driftwood can be a major annoyance, making beaches impassable and gathering mess, nevertheless driftwood is essential to wildlife, it offers sanctuary and is a food source for many birds and other water species as it floats on water. To an aquarium enthusiast, is greatly sought after for use in aqua-scaping.

Bacteria decompose the driftwood and it is eventually through the years turned into nutrients and reintroduced into the food web.

Sometimes, at the end of its tenuous journey, it is washed ashore, where it becomes the foundation for a sand dune, but sometimes on our beach scouring escapades, we find it, take it home and use it to sculpture or making use of it for household items such as a doorstop.


Driftwood has the amazing effect of bringing calmness; we instantaneously relax to the imaginary sound of the tumbling waves, or imagine long walks on the beach with loved ones or the long summer days playing as children on the beach.


This is why furniture finished to have the look of driftwood is such an amazing style of furniture in the home. A piece of furniture in this style provides the simple, rustic look for a beach style home while creating a unique style and feeling in your home that only you understand. Generally light grey in colour, it helps to bring light into the room and adds extra tones.

There are all kinds of driftwood effect furniture that have many uses throughout the home. Driftwood effect console tables, nest of tables, bedsides, mirrors, cabinets, lamp bases.

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