I Thought This Tiny Camper Would Feel Cramped, But Itís Like 5 Rooms In 1!

Considering I was born and raised in America, Iím quite embarrassed to admit how few states Iíve traveled to. Sure, Iíve spent hours on the highway and passed through many ó but thereís so much of our ... continued

Venus- Planet of Beauty and Love

Venus has almost the same volume as Earth. Its diameter amounts to 12,500 km. It is the brightest celestial object after the sun and moon, and is the nearest to Earth. Middle distance of Venus from th ... continued

How Many Times Have You Been Reincarnated?

Itís an interesting question. How many times have you been reincarnated and how does that number of lifetimes already lived influence your current life? Reincarnation is the belief that after you d ... continued

How To Choose A Healing Crystal That's Right For You

Crystals have captured the human imagination for thousands of years. Atlantis is said to have powered machines with crystals and to have even etched their records on them. Crystals have captured conte ... continued

5 Ways To Make Your Home A Spiritual Haven

Chaos is a part of life. Traffic, unruly people on streets, a busy office, tough relationships ó it can be difficult to find a peaceful moment among all the distractions. You can plan on flying off to ... continued

6 Tricks Celebrities Use When They're Posing

We donít know about you, but weíre untagging far too many Instagram photos to feel totally confident in our candid-taking abilities. And considering that Hollywood stars are virtual masters, weíre stu ... continued

Scientists Have Created Crystals That Make Breathing Underwater a Reality

The news: Aquaman. The Little Mermaid. Spongebob Squarepants. These are just some of our most recognizable heroes who can breathe underwater. And though it seems like the stuff of fiction, breathing ... continued

What Color Is Your Aura? Find Out!

An aura is defined as a distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, place or thing. According to mystics, the subtle body aura can be viewed and seen as colo ... continued

MIXED MINERALS Tourmaline var. With Quartz Elbaite & Lepidolite on Cleavelandite.

Modern Art in minerals, I call this one...and family and friends who are not into minerals immediately "get it" when they see this in my case (i had it at home for a few years). This fantastic display ... continued

The incredible £10,000 Amber 'time capsule' necklace with a piece of 40million-year-old natural history in every stone

At first glance, it is very much like any other beaded necklace, complete with a simple row of gems. But on closer inspection, this rare Amber necklace is revealed as nature's very own time caspule, ... continued

Pick A Crystal And See What It Says About You!

Pick A Crystal Look at the 6 crystals above, which are you drawn to? Don't choose your favorite color, choose the one you are most attracted to at this moment. Below is the explanation of your choi ... continued

Know much about the Brabant-Belgian draft horse?

Also known as the Belgian Heavy Horse, BrabanÁon or Brabant, the Belgian Draft is not only one of the strongest draft breeds, but this breed has also held the world record for the tallest & the larges ... continued

Top 10 Common Dreams and Their Meanings

Everyone on earth dreams when they sleep, and it is estimated around 90 minutes for each sleep. Dreams have always been a topic of mystery among people. Some dreams are straightforward; they are the e ... continued

Is It Really True?? McDonalds is Closing Stores?

McDonalds to Close Over 700 Stores due to major profit losses. Increased consumer awareness and decision to eat healthier has caused fast-food company McDonaldís to close a total of 700 chain locatio ... continued

If horses could take selfies! Haha!

Because there's nothing more photogenic than an awkward camera angle, duck face, and horses who would rather be eating. You've probably seen this photo of three ponies huddled together like drunk g ... continued

Which Horse Riding Boots Do I Need for Shows?

Unlike this little guy who knows what boots to wear, choosing the right riding boots can be a difficult task. When show season arrives, you need to be ready. What sort of boots do you need? Do you ... continued

A Unique Love Between a Horse and Cat

How often do we see cats loving on horses. It seems so common on any ranch. What a precious horse photo. Some experts think the cat was first tamed by 3500 BC. The ancient Egyptians were the first ... continued

Stunning Cliff Top Cave Home in Blue Mountains of Australia

Lionel Bucket has one of the most stunning views in the world from the stone outcrop that makes up the veranda of his clifftop cave home. He has an outlook over the Blue Mountain range in Australia fr ... continued

20 Adorable Dogs Breeds You Have Probably Never Heard Of!

When buying a dog, you may have the option to select between mixed breed dogs and purebred dogs. Most people choose a purebred dog because of the expectation that they have certain attributes, bloodli ... continued

15 Different Yet Stunning Hair Styles On Horses

Nowadays there really are some incredibly beautiful and simply amazing horse hair styles. Cause lets face it, we love getting the chance to make our horses look even more beautiful then they already a ... continued

How Much Water Do We Need To Drink According To Our Weight?

By now you should be quite aware of the fact that water is the main compound that will help you get a perfect body and great health condition. The worst mistake some people make when it comes to drink ... continued

Want to See One of The Cutest Pictures Ever?

Decades before YouTube gave us cat videos and giggling babies, LIFE already had the cute animal/adorable kid formula down pat with this photo essay featuring 30-inch horses and their toddler friends. ... continued

You May Have Been Cutting Tomatoes Wrong This Whole Time. His Method? I'm Converted!

I love cherry tomatoes. I use it in salads, soups, and omelettes....like almost daily. So for me, having this hack is the best thing ever! It will save so much time! Plus, I feel like this could wo ... continued

How to Teach a Horse to Bow

So you want to learn how to teach your horse how to bow. Well this is what you will need. Materials: 1. Plenty of treats (amounts vary). 2. Usable halter. 3. Untangled lead rope. How To: 1. Sta ... continued

Breeders Let Child Play With 175lb Pit Bull Named Hulk

Pit bulls sometimes get a bad rap really. They are often considered vicious and unable to be controlled. Certainly, there are many who would claim that the combination of the breedís reputation and th ... continued

Unforgettable Horses from the Big Screen

There is a unique emotional bond between humans and horses ever since the first man tried to mount this wonderful animal. Horses seem to have the ability to sense a person's mood and react to it. It i ... continued

How to Calm Your Horse Down Quickly

A horse's emotions depend on her surroundings and the emotions of her human counterpart. Some horses have a tendency to spook, while others are naturally nervous and over-reactive. When your horse act ... continued

10 Ways to Keep Your Horse Happy

Our horses are our friends, so we don't mind going out of our way to make sure they're happy. We all want our horses to be happy. Happy horses are pleasant to be around, learn quickly and interact wit ... continued

How Horses Talk To Each-other. Incredible!

Scientists know that humans, chimpanzees, and other primates can convey surprising amounts of information by means of a glance and tilt of the head. But what about animals with eyes on the sides of th ... continued

Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Horses

There are countless reasons to love the companionship of horses. Here are a few thoughts that jump out at me why I love horses and include horses in my life. 1. Inspiration. Horses are creatures of b ... continued

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