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Everything in our universe is made out of energy. That solid chair youíre sitting on, your thoughts, emotions and memories are all forms of energy. From a higher perspective, our world is not made of solid mass, it is buzzing with light and movement.

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When youíre feeling low, there is a physical energy weighing down on you. Itís a densely heavy feeling that pushes down on us; thereís a reason we call it feeling down. When youíre in a state of exhilarating happiness, your body literally buzzes with energy.

Shifting out of a dense vibration takes a bit of concentration and the want to change. Sometimes we get stuck in a loop of spiraling negativity and we donít want to be the ones to break it. We are responsible for shifting our own emotions; but that doesnít mean we canít have help.

1. Get to the Core.

There are so many factors that contribute to a low vibration, and sometimes a lot of it is completely subconscious.

Sometimes itís as clear as day: you broke something, a friend is mad at you, you missed a meeting, you got a bad grade, anything. This is simply the ebb and flow of life. Itís when situations or ideas keep us in a state of distress that it lowers our vibration Ė translating to a lessening in energy, motivation and inspiration.

A situation that would lower your vibration depends on your level of emotional sensitivity. For some people, a sly glance, harsh tone of voice or even just closed off body language can put them in discomfort. When your thoughts become a loop that wears you down mentally and emotionally, that is a lowering of your vibration.

The actual process of getting to the core of a problem, idea, thought or feeling is different for everyone, but essentially it is following a line ofthoughts. It is digging deep into the center, the core, the seed that is sprouting weeds.

This can be extremely simple or quite complex depending on the nature of what is causing you distress. If you trace it back enough, you might find yourself re-experiencing childhood trauma, forgotten memories or subconscious thoughts.

If you know whatís causing you to be upset, only you know how to navigate the solution.

2. Resolve it.

If thereís something in your life that you need to be working on, fixing or exploring and you arenít doing it Ė thatís bringing your vibration down. If you arenít following your passions, thatís bringing your vibration down.

If you are ignoring your responsibilities and you know you need to get to it but just canít bring yourself to Ė thatís bringing your vibration down. There is no catch all answer for how to raise your vibration specifically.

Resolving the core of a problem can look like meditating on a question or having an open talk with friends to explore the issue. It can look like going on a walk to help process information.

The point is to not ignore or cover up the core of the problem. Keep digging, keep asking why? Why am I feeling this way, what brought on this feeling; and you follow that for as long as you need. You might be very surprised as to where it takes you.

Yoga, eating healthy, conscious breathing and anything that makes you feel good is vital to keeping your vibration high. These things alone cannot keep a vibe up, it is strongly connected to our mental and emotional state of being.

Keeping yourself healthy and revitalized no matter what is important Ė just remember, itís mind over matter.

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