Journey With Reiki To Your Power Animal

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Power animals live in non-ordinary reality, in the spirit realms of the Divine Earth. Reiki can take you on a bridge of light to the enlightened realms of the Divine Earth to meet your enlightened power animals. It can provide a style of practice that allows you to meet them and connect with them consistently to gain their assistance.

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The Reiki symbols will assist you in reaching spiritual realms. Invoke the Power symbol (CKR) and you will call the loving Universe. It is like a spiritual phone system. The Distant Healing symbol (HSZSN) is a like an enlightened highway. It is a bridge of light that connects you through time and space to the enlightened spiritual realms of the beings you call. The Mental/Emotional symbol (SHK) is the spiritual translator and can help you understand each other's language. It can help you hear in a completely new way, not just the language you speak. The Usui Master symbol connects you to the Great Being of the Universe, and the Fire Serpent symbol connects you to the Divine Presence of the Earth.

There are various classes of power animals; most are helpful, but some are not. Because of this, it's important that you only work with enlightened power animals. The Reiki symbols can be instructed to direct your journeys to enlightened spirit realms only. I have given my Reiki guides this as an ongoing instruction. Anytime I journey with Reiki, I ask my guides to connect me with only enlightened spiritual helpers, whether they are power animals, spirit guides, Reiki guides or ancestors. I call them "beings of light and love" and all of my spiritual helpers know that means I am asking for enlightened associations only. It's also important that you have an enlightened spiritual guide that you've given authority to oversee all your spiritual work, including working with power animals. Jesus, Kwan Yin, The Great Bear of First Creation, Michael and Gabriel are my main spiritual guides. They make sure that all my spirit guides and I are always working in the highest interest of all.

There are many ways to meet your power animal with Reiki. I describe one method, a Reiki journey below. However, you may use Reiki before you go to sleep and ask to dream your power animal; you may invoke Reiki and dance for them, or you may drum or rattle for them. Or, as the website says, "You can ask the power animal to show itself to you and if you start seeing one or another animal frequently that would be its way of revealing itself to you. For instance, you are flipping through the channels and see an elk on a nature program, and then later you hear someone talking about going to Elk Grove Village to visit their cousin. You see a sign for an Elks Lodge. It is believed that the animal guide can communicate with you by drawing your attention to things around you, and a repetition such as that would be a way of communication."

To meet your power animal in a Reiki Journey:

Invoke all Reiki symbols you are attuned to, prepare yourself and the room with Reiki, and invite your enlightened Reiki guides. Use self-Reiki and settle into a meditative state. Engage your senses. Activate your imagination and intuition.

Invoke CKR, stating your intention to journey to the enlightened realms of the power animals to meet your power animal. Invoke SHK to ease communication with your power animal.

Invoke HSZSN; imagine it as a bridge of light that takes you through an entry point into the divine heart of the earth. It could be a tree root, tunnel, waterfall, or any other portal that goes down into the earth.

Notice the light at the end of the portal. Intend that you have arrived.

Notice the landscape, the smells, sounds and colors. Breathe the air.

Ask your power animal to reveal itself and to give you a clear sign.

You may want to pet it, play a little, and perhaps give it some food.

Ask it to show you its skills and powers, what it likes to do, and how it will help you with your Reiki work.

Return to ordinary reality through the portal on the Reiki bridge of light.

Return to yourself, feel yourself merge back into your body.

End your journey by drawing a large CKR over your body.

Write about your experience in a journal. Write your impressions, colors, thoughts, interactions, and smells.

By spending focused intentional time with your power animals especially in journeys, you will know they are always with you in all moments of your life. This leads to a greater sense of well-being and knowing that you are loved and protected in this world.

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