Kind shoppers rejoice: BioCheese now in supermarkets!

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Many Australians are shocked to learn that every year some 400,000 'bobby' calves are taken from their mums and killed in their first week of life, so that their mother's milk can be harvested for human consumption. Their distraught mums are literally milked dry, before being impregnated again then having their new calf taken away.

The great news is that you can help break this cycle of suffering by embracing the ever-growing selection of calf-friendly foods available at supermarkets all over the country!

Mum and calf approved: look at the camera and say 'BioCheese!'

Say 'cheese': here's something to smile about!

As Australian shoppers become wise to the suffering inherent in dairy farming, major supermarkets are recognising there is a gap in the market and space on their shelves to stock cruelty-free products for compassionate customers. Coles and IGA have recently increased their range of dairy-free cheeses in the fridge aisle BioCheese, Tofutti and more, join the long-list of calf-friendly 'cheeses' available nationwide!

Going dairy-free is about giving not giving up

Choosing cruelty-free products doesn't mean denying yourself anything or having to change your habits all your favourite meals can stay on the menu, the only difference will be changing which packet you pick up at the supermarket try the BioCheese featured in the photos below!

Simply by choosing a dairy-free alternative you can have your pizza (and eat it too!) safe in the knowledge that no calves were harmed in the making.

Your decision to go dairy-free won't involve giving anything up, instead, you won't be giving to an industry that takes calves away from their mums. And with so many dairy-free options available at supermarkets today, creating a kinder world for calves simply couldn't be easier.


More ways to be kind to calves!

Learn more about the dairy industry and how you can protect calves (and their mums) from cruelty by making a pledge to be dairy-free!

Take action against cruelty to calves by writing to Dairy Australia and demanding animals not be treated as waste products in the dairy industry.

Eat kindly with help from our guide to the dairy-free and delicious products available at a supermarket near you!

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