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Also known as the Belgian Heavy Horse, Brabançon or Brabant, the Belgian Draft is not only one of the strongest draft breeds, but this breed has also held the world record for the tallest & the largest horses in the world.


This breed comes from the Brabant region of what is now Belgium where it is called the Cheval de trait belge, Belgisch Trekpaard, Brabants Trekpaard or Brabander. Said to be the most direct descendants of the “Great Horse” of medieval times, the Belgian draft horse was the animal who carried knights onto the battlefield. Most draft breeds today carry Belgian lineage in their bloodlines.

Through the years many of the purebred studs have been shown & exported to countries all over Europe to enhance draft bloodlines. The official studbook was established in 1885.

Until the beginning of the 20th century there were three types, although they varied little in confirmation.

The Big Horse of the Dendre / The Colossal Horse of Mehaigne / The Grey Horse of Nivelles

Modern Belgian Draft

The foundation of the Belgian Draft was the Brabant & until the end of WWII they were considered the same beed. After the war, the demand for draft horses declined & exports stopped. The Brabant in Europe was selectively bred to be squat & thick. The American bloodlines differ considerably, they are taller, more refined & are almost invariably chestnut with a flaxen mane & tail.


From 15.3 – 17.3 hands

Built solid for hard work

Exceptionally strong and hardworking


Head is light & square, profile is straight or slightly concave, Neck is short & muscular, Back is short & broad, Body is deep & short, Legs are strong, lean & sound with some feathering

Traditional Colors:

Chestnut (often displaying the Mealy / Pangare gene)

Roan | black | bay


Docile & willing


Still used for agricultural work, Agriculture work, Show horse, Draft competitions, Pleasure horse, Wagon horses, Meat

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