Micro Pig Babies Adorably Eat An Apple

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Little pigs.......Is there anything cuter than a baby piglet? How about a bunch of micro baby piglets? Pet Piggies Micro Pigs specializes in adorable videos of their super cute micro pigs. If you have heard of miniature pigs, then you should know that they can be affectionate and fun pets to keep around the home. Learn a bit about these furless animals and why you might want one as your next pet.

What are they?

Miniature pigs, micro pigs or teacup pigs, as they are also called, are a small breed of pigs which will normally not reach more than 30 lbs. in weight. They are very intelligent and sociable animals, and the best thing about them is that you can keep a pig and make fun without having to keep a 400 lb. animal in your home. Most of them are sold by respected breeders, and you could get one for a decent price.

In this precious clip, a group of little micro piggies enjoy an apple that looks gigantic.

Check out this cutest video ever>>> at the link below!

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