Reuseable Pallet Coffee Table

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Each time I look for some furniture inspirations, I manage to find all kind of pallet projects somehow. After wood crates and 14 Wooden Crates Furniture Design Ideas, these are my favorite materials for building new, useful items in our home.

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Even though, there are plenty of very creative and extended tables projects on the web, I have always liked those minimalist ones.

Anna from Plan B had something perfect for me, and I am sure you’ll love her Pallet Coffee Table too. She did it exactly how I always wanted, that is why I recommend this particular project for you. I can see just one problem for us now.

Anya is going to make her first steps in winter, and those sharp edges and glass surface are not going to help her do it safe. This is not a good furniture for those with small children and cats as they probably will scratch the rough wood (cats, not children).

If you consider yourself eco friendly, you will find some used pallets for free in department stores or in factories (that's what Anna says). I personally even like the new ones more, for they look so natural. One day, after our all children grow up and start to put their feet firmly on the ground, we will build our dream straw house surrounded by wild garden and decorate it with handmade, also pallet stuff. I've got a feeling you will show me your pallet table soon!

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