Scrap Metal Hulk by Old Street Art

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A workshop in Thailand that goes by the name of Ban Hun Lek, uses scraps of metal to create beautiful sculptures out of various shapes and sizes. And they don’t limit themselves to robots or abstract pieces. The artists use organic forms as well as realistic, and very animated pieces from famous characters from television and the big screen movies.

Out of old scraps and material left at any typical garage site such creations of art will simple blow your mind!

Popular among the artist are pieces from movies such as Star Wars, Predator and Aliens, however there have even been sculptures of Minions, Robocop and Pirates of the Caribbean to mention just a few.

Created by Phairote, a celebrated leader at the workshop who has created art for European and Saudi royalty the Hulk statue would have to be one of his most popular centrepieces of his collection which stands a fearsome 2.6m tall.

“Phairote wanted to create something new, powerful but using the same flat washer technique as before. The biggest challenge was to create something so tall (2.6m) that could support its own weight.”

“This wasn’t an easy design to make and it took many revisions before Phairote was happy with it. He’s especially proud of the weathered coloring and the shapes of each defined muscle.”

Minions anyone?

A Favorite from Pirates of the Caribbean.

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