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Want to get out of debt? Pay off any credit cards and start living with savings! Then you need to read this.

What does your dream house look like? Is it covered in solar panels? Surrounded by plants? Flooded with light? Maybe it's all about location--tucked into the forest or perched on the coastline. For many people, dream houses remain dreams, but not for individuals profiled below. We've found this little gem of a place that accepts the fact that a comfortable, eco-friendly home does not have to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Rather than wait the years it would take to afford a traditionally-built home, this smart woman took matters into her own hands, building this amazing yet efficient homes for under $12k.

Macy Miller built this awesome tiny house for only $11,416.16. The siding is reclaimed pallet wood. She worked for 2 years to build this gorgeous 196 square foot home. Anyone would be proud to live in a home like this.

Read on to find out how she created this home, and for more like this, at the link below:

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