Seven Things that Babies Learn in the Womb

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Did you know that infants discover and develop amazing abilities while they're still in the womb? Following are 7 amazing facts that you'd have never suspected concerning the gestation process.

The child learns very particular actions during the 9 months of pregnancy; various skills will be Seven Things that Babies Learn in the Womb acquired during development in the womb, and amazing changes occur very early on. I'll admit I knew nothing about any of this before now.

1. Foetuses are sensitive to stress

Studies have proven that stressed mothers directly affect their fetus, which can be seen in the baby's gestures: in practice, if the mother is anxious, the child will react by touching his/her face with the left hand, as if trying to protect themselves by covering the head. This is an instinctive reaction, which means that the child is trying to hide from the source of stress.

Stressed mothers will also transmit their discomfort to their child, who may then tend to have difficulty concentrating, and might be more easily subject to aggression or depression in later life.

It is therefore beneficial to ensure baby's serenity in the early months of pregnancy by focusing on relaxation as much as possible, and avoiding stressful situations whenever you can.

2.They develop their sense of taste

Everything that the mother eats during pregnancy appears in the amniotic fluid in which the baby Seven Things that Babies Learn in the Womb swims, and foetuses are able to enjoy different tastes from their twentieth week. In this way, the foetus enjoys all the food at the same time as the mother, and gradually develops a sense of taste.

Studies show, for example, that mothers eating carrots regularly whilst pregnant will pass the taste for them on to their child, who will then be more attracted to this food than another child who wasn't exposed in the womb. Yet another reason to avoid fast food!The taste cells of the fetus begin to develop during the seventh week of gestation, and become fully operational a few weeks later. At birth, babies already have food preferences due to their experiences in the womb.

3.They feel emotions

The latest ultrasounds in 4D show that children can smile in their mother's womb. From the thirty-sixth week, Seven Things that Babies Learn in the Womb they adopt their own range of facial expressions, such as a wrinkled nose, downturned mouth, or even frowns! Foetuses can also wear a beautiful smile, close their eyes in happiness, and relax their faces. A baby is already feeling a lot of things in the uterus, especially because s/he is able to perceive some of the things happening in the outside world: sounds and strong light sources will both have an affect.

The baby's brain development and their own unique personality will cause them to react in their own way, expressing joy, fear, or nervousness; well-placed kicks may accompany these feelings!


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