Stunning Colorado Log Home

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Escaping those tensions is part of what makes the log home experience so different. There's something inexplicable about separating yourself from that turmoil with thick log walls. It's not just the wood. It's the size, shape, texture, patina, smell and natural appearance of the wood that makes a log home so inviting. It is living with nature without the bugs.

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Log homes are not for everybody any more than we should all be driving the same type of car. Some people would go stark raving mad if they were not living twenty-stories above their favourite restaurant, or didn't have a dozen neighbours living within spitting distance. However, for those of us who make that choice, a log home becomes part of our silent testimony about who we are.

This stunning log home located in Colorado is a classic example of rustic architecture. The owner designed this former ranch to suit his needs. This one story living area has four bedrooms, each with their own bathroom. The owner has ensured that his sport cars have a fabulously large garage and yet even thought this log home is classically designed, it still hosts modern elements within all of its glory.

The author of this amazing log home is the talented Brian Higgins from RAW Architecture. A truly stunning log home with a beautiful view of the mountains!

A log home compares to a conventional home in the same way that an oil painting differs from a photograph. They are both beautiful and treasured, but the painting oozes something extra that no photo can duplicate. Living the log home lifestyle is different - and most owners will tell you that nothing else compares.

To see more of this magnificent home in the mountains, see the link to the 'Goods Home Design' website below.

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