THE CHAKRA TEST - Want To Know Which Of Your Chakras Are Blocked?

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Do you know about your Chakras?

We have a test that you can take to see the state of your Chakras. Which ones are blocked and which ones are more balanced??

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Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel, or vortex, and it refers to each of the seven energy centers of which our consciousness, our energy system, is composed. Located on the midline of the body, the chakras are vital as they govern our psychological properties.For example The chakras located on the lower part of our body are our instinctual side, the highest ones our mental side. The chakras can have various levels of activity. When they're 'open' they're considered operative in a normal fashion.

These energy centers (chakras), function as pumps or valves, regulating the flow of energy through our energy system. The functioning of the chakras reflects decisions we make concerning how we choose to respond to conditions in our life. We open and close these valves when we decide what to think, and what to feel, and through which perceptual filter we choose to experience the world around us. So you can start to understand just how vital they are in the overall human experience.

All of your senses, all of your perceptions, all of your possible states of awareness, everything it is possible for you to experience, can be divided into seven categories. Each category can be associated with a particular chakra.

With each chakras represented not only particular parts of your physical body, but also particular parts of your consciousness.

Ideally you want to have all your chakras balanced for a holistic approach to your overall well being and optimum health. If some chakras are not open enough (they are under-active), then to compensate, other chakras will become over-active. Therefore the balanced will be dislodged.

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