The Way You Sleep Reveals How Happy You Are as a Couple.

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The Very Sleeping Positions Reveal This Harmony.

Do our sleeping patterns with a significant other offer a window into the relationship as a whole? The Way You Sleep Reveals How Happy You Are as a Couple. The Very Sleeping Positions Reveal This HarmonyThis is indeed true according to a recent study published by psychologists who took the trouble to observe the sleep positions of romantic partners. In fact, each position was attributed an entirely unique meaning. Interpreting these physical indicators has led some to draw some very unique conclusions.

the study of subconscious cues has been in existence for centuries. Modern psychology places a great deal of emphasis upon our body language, as it is thought to display many thoughts which may not be conscious. While words can deceive, our subconscious often represents what we truly think, feel and believe. In turn, scholars began to study our facial expressions; an unequivocal index of sincerity.

Placed under the eyes of science, movements, attitudes and postures provide the exact illustration of what we are thinking. In other words, they are the indicators of emotions that words may sometimes be hidden deep inside. Let's take a quick look at some sleeping positions which psychologists observed with some equally surprising results.

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