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There are very credible feats in the equine industry that span the centuries of recorded time, some completely ridiculous and others a biological wonder. The world’s tallest horse, smallest horse, oldest horse, greatest jockey - the merits roll onwards and upwards.

So here is a compiled list of the record that have been set in the world of the Tallest horses, some still standing (literally) and others that still bewilder decades after their inauguration…

Largest Horse

The tallest documented horse was a shire gelding named Samson. He was 21.2 1/2 hands tall, and weighed 3,360 pounds. He was bred by Thomas Cleaver of Toddington Mills, England, and was foaled in 1846.

The world's tallest living horse, Luscombe Nodram, or 'Noddy', stands with his owner Jane Greenman. The Shire horse is seven-years-old, stands at 20.2 hands high (2.05 meters) and at 1.5 tons weighs three times more than the average thoroughbred racehorse. He lives in Australia. "It sounds like a mountain moving when he gallops across the paddock to come and get his breakfast," says his owner, Jane Greenman. He is broken to saddle and harness. The Shire horse is now endangered with approximately 2,000 left in the world with very few of them being gray.

Digger, a Clydesdale gelding was measured at just over 19 hands high at the age of four! Digger resides at the ILHP farm in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Digger with his friend and smallest ILHP resident, Sweep. Thanks to The International League for the Protection of Horses for allowing us to use photos of Digger.

2007 Current Guinness World Record holder:

Jenson’s Diplomat Tina, aka Tina, 20 hand Shire mare. She was measured barefoot at the age of 3. Her sire was 19.3 and her dam was over 18 hands tall. She was bred by Jenson Shires and is currently owned by Jim & Marge Williams in Niota, Tennessee.

"In order to obtain size in a horse of any breed you must start with the genetics. You have to have two parents that have size bred into their genetic make up. Then you have the potential for a large horse. Feed, health conditions and general care all contribute to the ultimate size that a horse will attain.

Tina may actually have another 3 years of growth ahead of her. Sometimes a shire will get most of its growth by the time they are 3 but will continue to grow till they are 6 years old. We may actually be witnessing a horse that will continue to grow for another 3 years."

Clark of Jenson Shires also owns Tina's father, 19.3 hand Diplomat.

2006 Guinness World Record holder:

Radar - 19.3 1/2 hands Belgian Draft 2,400 pounds

Radar was the Preifert company "mascot"

2005 in Britain, A Shire horse named Cracker was measured at 19.2. One of our readers emailed this pic, if you have credits/info about the photo, please email us:

2003 Guinness World Record holder:

Goliath - 19.1 hand Percheron 2,200 pounds

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