Tiny House Built By 16 Yr Old Teenager for Only $12,000!

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This should be an inspiration to us all. Austin Hay , a 16 yr old boy building his own home! So what made this young man decide to do this and more importantly how did he do this?

Beginning as an idea as a young boy that Austin always wanted to build a treehouse the opportunity arose when his school had a project in which he could incorporate building his very own tiny home.

Like any teenager he wanted the chance to move out of home, but obviously needed to organise where that could possibly be too.

The bonus about this tiny home is its mobility. Built on wheels this means the smart young man plans to move out, park it and live in it wherever he wants to.

So he can live in his home and visit his friends, go to high school and live in it, and even onto college and have his own living space. Doing everything himself, except for some help with the roof set up, Austin has very successfully constructed his first home. Not many teenagers can say that now can they!

Costing him $2000 for the trailer ( which he had saved up by working at a summer camp) the base on the house was clearly the most expensive part. He says that its all pretty basic stuff to do, nothing too complicated!

To watch the YouTube clip go to this link.

A big thanks to faircompanies.com for the source of this article and Off Grid World for the clip.

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