Unforgettable Horses from the Big Screen

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There is a unique emotional bond between humans and horses ever since the first man tried to mount this wonderful animal. Horses seem to have the ability to sense a person's mood and react to it. It is no wonder then that so many people enjoy books and feature films with horses as the stars. Here are some of the best known horses-actors.

Black Beauty

The book "Black Beauty" was written in the 1870's by writer Anna Sewell. She worked most of her life with horses and wrote the book especially with the intent to report and correct abuse against these animals. People all over the world know the story of Black Beauty, even if they never read the book. Since the 1940's three movie films have been made about this animal, telling his story in his own voice. Even a TV show was made that run for several seasons.

My Friend Flicka

Flicka was the horse of a young rancher's son Ken McLaughlin in Wyoming. At least it was so in the children's novel written by Mary O'Hara that told of their incredible adventures together around the Goosebar Ranch. The first movie was made in the 1940's and a remake in 2006 stars Alison Lohman as young farm girl Katy ... A television series ran from 1955 - 1958.


The story of Seabiscuit is based on a true story. Seabiscuit was a racing horse during the Great Depression, but not a very good one at that. For some years he performed at the very lowest levels of horse racing. But then three man saw the talents that apparently were hidden. Author Laura Hillenbrandt made him into a legend by writing a bestseller about him. The consequent movie adaptation was inevitable.


Another real and living horse was Trigger. His fame came from the actor Roy Rodgers, who always appeared in films as cowboy. He bought Trigger in the 1930's. Since then the two became virtually inseparable and Trigger was as popular if not more popular than Roy Rodgers himself. Trigger died at age 33 and when he died his hide was stretched over a plaster likeness. Even today you can see Trigger in the

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