Want to Know What Happens When You Boil Coke?

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Soft drink or also called coke, soda, pop or carbonated beverage is a beverage that most everyone loves to drink aside from water. It is the most common drinks available in the market today, as it is refreshing, delicious, thirst quenching and yet considered to be an unhealthy drink. Obesity, low nutrient levels, type 2 diabetes and dental caries are only few of the reasons why it is considered unhealthy drink.

According to research presented at American Heart Association’s Epidemiology and Prevention/Nutrition, Physical Activity and Metabolism 2013 Scientific Sessions by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health, a sugar sweetened beverages may be the main responsible for 180,000 deaths every year worldwide.

Warnings are already raised about the dangers of every consumption and the American Medical Association's (AMA) Council on Food and Nutrition once quoted that, "From the health point of view it is desirable especially to have restriction of such use of sugar as is represented by consumption of sweetened carbonated beverages and forms of candy which are of low nutritional value.

The Council believes it would be in the interest of the public health for all practical means to be taken to limit consumption of sugar in any form in which it fails to be combined with significant proportions of other foods of high nutritive quality."

To give you an idea regarding its danger, take a look at this “Crazy Russian Hacker” or well-known as a Russian YouTuber and an amateur scientist who discover this in his experiment.

Take a close look in this pot. When you boil coke and make it evaporate, you can see a black sludge similar to tar texture.

Obviously, the sugar was left on the bottom of the pot. This clearly show what our body gets when we drink a sugary soda.

A thick, black goop and sticky substance that looks like a pothole would enter in our human stomach. Will you still drink your favourite soda after discovering this video? Make sure to hit share, and let everyone be aware.

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