Weekly Sun Scopes June 5th-12th

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Weekly Sun Scopes – June 5th – June 12th

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with Agent 0720 Michael Svehla

The stellium of planets in Gemini, Mars, Sun, and Mercury, squaring the mighty Neptune, continues to roil the transits at the beginning of the week. Yet, the beginning of the week also signals the start of combined ease and abundance, with Venus entering Leo, the sign in which Jupiter currently resides. Saturn edges very closely to the Scorpio sign by week’s end, and makes a strong opposition to Mercury retrograde in his home sign. Smoother aspects among planets in the transits by the end of the week helps to allow advantages based on disciplined thought, networking with authority figures, and structuring communication well, even with both Saturn and Mercury retrograde.

Sun and Mars, sharing some similar functions, form a double minor grand trine with Jupiter and Uranus for most of the week. Pushing projects and goals forward, through use of innovative ideas and an optimistic demeanor, is quite a contrast to the previous theme of the last two weeks, finding the “opportunities in the difficulties”. This week is about opportunities without many of the previous difficulties!

What might this week portend for you? Consider your Sun sign and rising sign/ascendant as well.

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