Which Crystals Do I Use To Balance My Sacral Chakra?

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Like a river feeding the sea, the seven Chakras are providing our body and soul with energy.

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This article deals with the Sacral Chakra and how to heal it with crystals when it gets out of balance, however i will quickly list the 7 for you.

The 1. Chakra, also called Root Chakra, is located at the tail bone and has red colour.

The 2. Chakra is orange and supports the bodily and emotional well being. It is also called Sacral Chakra.

The 3. Chakra is called the Solar Plexus Chakra and is located right below the sternum. It strengthens the structure of the Ego.

The 4. Chakra in the middle of the sternum, of green colour is called the Heart Chakra.

The 5. Chakra, is blue and watches over the throat, therefore called Throat Chakra. It helps us articulate emotions.

The 6. Chakra, the Third Eye located in the middle of the forehead is indigo/purple coloured. It supports intellect and intuition.

The 7. Chakra, on top of the head, called the crown Chakra is our connection to higher planes. It is colourless.

The color of the Sakral Chakra is orange, is about an inch below the navel, symbolizing joy and power of our life energy, especially the sexual energy.

Are we free from fear, guilt or low self-esteem, this Chakra is opened and we will have pleasure in our responsibilities in work and family. Vitality, activity and creativity can be expressed easily.

As the center of our deepest feelings and emotions, sacral Chakra is responsible for the flow of life and letting go. If we trust ourselves and the life we lead, we are in balance and our energies are flowing.

As the sacral Chakra is also the gateway to our inner being, to the things that our body likes or dislikes, to our talents and abilities, in active state of the Chakra we are in a position to live in harmony of mind and the soul, which at the same has a positive effect on all types of interpersonal relationships.

Interference or blockades, on the other hand, usually manifest in the form of impotence, frigidity, lack of motivation or in an exaggerated sex drive. Lack of flow of body fluids, usually caused by congestion in the lymph can result in obesity, anorexia, loneliness and isolation. The self-esteem is non-existent.

Helpful healing stones for the sacral chakra are Jasper, Carnelian and Fire Opal. Whereas Carnelian boosts our life energy, thus enhancing the idealism, Jasper strengthens the will power and the self-confidence. Fire Opal stimulates the body to improve the blood flow and thus ensures the detoxification. It awakens the fire of passion in us and helps us to allow feelings and to show them to the environment.

Whereas Carnelian and Jasper can be worn/carried safely for a longer period of time, Fire Opal should only be used if it is really needed because it will lose its effect.

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