Who Are The Indigo Children? The New Generation Has Arrived

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The Indigo children began arriving on this planet beginning in the early 1970's predominately in the 1980's and throughout the 1990's generation. They came with full conscious intuitive awareness of who they are. They are extremely gifted, creative, psychic, and intelligent beyond their years. These highly advanced spiritual children have come to raise the consciousness of our planet. They have come to teach us about ourselves. This spiritual evolution of the new children of the "Indigo" color has been given this title primarily because they have a very high frequency vibration. They have great healing abilities. At an early age they are seeing "auras and angels". They "know" the truth and cannot be lied to. Honesty is a high priority with them and they do not conform to dogma, past disciplinary methods or unfairness. So how do we teach them?

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These highly advanced souls come to teach about forgiveness, change and love, yet they have not been recognized by society, parents, teachers, caregivers, or professionals until now. Researches by many professionals, from many countries are beginning to see a behavioral pattern globally. Some parents and teachers have been exasperated because these children do not respond to the tried and truth methods of the past. They get bored easily because they are so bright they are way beyond us. We have those troubled unrecognized children who have become the Ritalin generation because of their misdiagnosed Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). We didn't know what to do with their hyperactivity (boredom). We did not know how to create an environment to address their special needs of creativity, freedom or how to teach them to use their advanced technical abilities. And so our brightest kids have turned to drugs and alcohol to escape our ignorance. They became "systems busters" to ease the pain and our society has become numb to their "illness".

Our society demands better behavior from these errant children. Instead of giving them the special learning needs they require in order to become bright leaders we have drugged and labeled them. They are not following our miserable traditional system that isn't working. These gifted children have become disruptive in demand of a need for recognition. They do not comply with the norm because they are different. They are hyperactive children, highly intelligent and can multi-task in a flat minute. Can we really be seeing human evolution in our kids today?

Counselors, teachers and parents cannot help but notice emerging patterns of child behavior and are reporting on it. This is not an American phenomenon but research and now recognition have been seen on three different continents. It seems to go beyond cultural barriers. It has escaped mainstream attention due to the fact that it is just too "weird" to consider a paradigm of human psychology, which considers humanity as a static, unchanging model. Society tends to believe evolution, but only in the past tense. The thought that we might be seeing a new human consciousness arriving on the planet is happening now is bizarre! Change is manifesting in our children which goes way beyond established conservative thought.

However, as more documented research and evaluations are assessing and reporting, new attitudes of understanding are emerging from professionals. These observations and different solutions are beginning to help aware teachers and parents. Great changes are taking place with our children and they are leaving us behind. The question, how do we teach, love and guide our children to their highest calling? There are some emerging answers to these challenges with a different definition of punishment. New kinds of problems beset both parents and teachers alike but it is we the community and society at large that has to address the overwhelming propensity in a manner much different than legally drugging our children!

Vast sweeping social change has to start inside the mind and heart of one person at a time. The Indigo children are an integral part of the positive transformational shift of the new millennium - and this celebration of the Indigo Child is one we hope you will share in. Hope is on the way. Now with the help of notable authors, academic contributors, day-care workers, PhD and MDs who deal with these children every day have written some profound solutions and acknowledgments. They give advice about new parenting and teaching techniques. These wise Indigos, some of them now adults, are first and fore-most spiritual, creative, psychic and intellectually advanced way beyond their years. They just don't respond like children of past generations and must be honored; we must create an environment conducive to their special needs. We can only do that with combined group knowledge in the process of our own learning about these special children. How do "we" the parents, teachers and supportive adults create the essential elements necessary for a nurturing learning environment for the Children of the New Earth?

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