Why Meditate? Science Finds Clues

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It has been said centuries ago that meditation helps improves one’s health and well-being. There are clinical studies also that shows that people who are likely to meditate stay happier, gain more control over their emotions and sharpens their mental focus.

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The most intriguing question that one might ask would be, can meditation makes one happier? Bad emotion really ruins one mood and the only way to feel better is to let it out. Like for example you are having a bad day at work, or you are faced into a situation wherein all you wanted was to shout and rant. One way to get relieve is finding someone to confide with or simply talking to someone about your feelings and haring your emotions may somehow let you exhale out the pain.

For an introvert kind of person, the only way to meditate is by writing your feelings into your journal notebook. By doing this so, you will then release all your negative emotions as well as regain your mood back.

Does meditation makes you healthier? According to Nikki Ragonese, “meditation makes it easier to accept the pain and the difficult emotions it fuels. Often when you feel something, you don’t acknowledge it and by avoiding that feeling, you perpetuate greater pain.

Meditation helps me realize that I create my own feelings. If I’m in a state of frustration and I stop and observe it, I realize there’s another way to deal with the pain.” Therefore, person who meditate often are said to be less irritable, relaxed, calm, and aids the treatment of depression, high blood pressure, anxieties as well as other ailments.

Can meditation then make you smarter? Studies shows that people who makes it a habit to meditate becomes smarter as it changes the brain’s structure and sharpens your focus and improve your multitasking skills.

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